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Opposite of Far Unicorn Mask & Tail Set

$ 65.00

Unicorns are magical creatures that grant wishes for believers! Just like real unicorns, the Opposite of Far Unicorn sparkles with glitter and spreads smiles wherever they travel! 

Each Opposite of Far Unicorn mask is made from a dash of magic, a sprinkle of glitter and wisp of rainbow ( Your Unicorn will sparkle because she’s made from glittery felt sewn to a layer of soft white felt for a comfortable fit. She has lovely eyelashes made specifically to charm anyone within a 20 mile radius! Let the magic begin! This unicorn has a sparkly white horn, purple hair and pink eyelashes! 

Masks fit with a comfy elastic strap that sits above the ears, around the back of the head. Tails are made using layers of felt sewn together then stuffed with fiber-fill stuffing to give it shape. Tails fit with comfy elastic waist band. Please use caution when giving masks to young children. 

Child Masks fit most children (typically ages 2-6) with the elastic strap sitting above the ears, around the back of the head. If the Mask is too large, you can safety pin the elastic to temporarily adjust the size. 

Child Tail elastic measures approximately 22" before stretched and should fit comfortably around the child’s waist.